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Thinking of moving home to Italy? We can help!

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If you are thinking of moving to the Italy, then we can help you with the whole process, with our extensive experience in the past of moving clients abroad you can rest assured that we will take the stresses and strains out of an international move. Our experienced and well trained staff would be more than happy to help you with every aspect of moving home.

Some information to know about Italy

Once the heart of the Roman Empire; Italy is the birthplace of the colosseum, the renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci and opera to name a few. It is little wonder that history is scattered everywhere you tread and the culture deeply entrenched in everything from architecture to ice cream. Italy has had a long time to know itself.

Colosseum, Rome

The Colosseum in Rome

The language, the food, the history, the architecture, the culture, the climate, the vineyards, the lakes and the coast line…..the desire to live in Italy and immerse ourselves in all this romantic wonder couldn’t be more tempting.

Top 10 Tips

Below is our ‘Top 10’ of important information to consider before commencing your Italian adventure.

1. An Expat Destination: It is estimated that about 6 percent of the population are Expats from all over Europe; often working in the cities or retiring in an idyllic rural location.

2. Work: If you are from an EU country it is very easy to live and work in Italy. If you are a citizen from a non-EU country, you will need to apply for a visa and a work permit. It would be prudent to find a job before relocating – as unemployment levels in Italy are fairly high, particularly in the south. A good working knowledge of the language will almost certainly be necessary.

3. Quality of Life: Life is relaxed here. Wherever you decide to settle in Italy you will be surrounded by beauty and cultural heritage (there are obviously some exceptions) which can only be good for the soul. Italians are very sociable and the night life is varied and engaging; because of this it shouldn’t be too difficult to make friends.

4. Cost of Living: The Euro. Italy’s economic situation is similar to the rest of Europe; while not in the best condition –prices have not risen. Life will always be more expensive in the cities than the countryside. Food is cheap and the quality is high. Public transport is cheap, safe and reliable. Amenities can be expensive though and electricity, gas and fuel are limited (i.e. too many appliances on at once and the system could short).

5. Accommodation: Rental property in the city is often small, old and expensive – but always well maintained. Unfurnished means almost completely empty, but should include a bathroom suite and a kitchen sink. For a 2 bedroom apartment in Rome you can expect to pay 1500 euros per month, but in rural Italy life costs less than in the UK/other European countries.

romantic alley in the old part of Rome, Italy

Romantic alley in old part of Rome

6. Language: Italian. If English is spoken, it is in the main cities and some business situations; but very few Italians are fluent – so it is important that you learn Italian. A dedicated attempt at networking will pay dividends.

7. Education: Schooling is very important to Italians. If you have children living here they will get a quality state education for free (for the children of foreigners).

8. Climate: The summers are usually hot and dry, the winters cool and wet. Expect snow in the north in the winter and heat in the south in the summer.

9. Healthcare: Is free or extremely cheap for EU citizens. Access to doctors, specialists and dentists is readily available even in rural areas. The public hospitals are excellent.

10. Start now: Learn Italian, apply for Italian residency, find accommodation, acclimatise and get networking! Living in a new country will always be challenging – but living in Italy is a challenge worth accepting.