New Homes in Warwick

1300 New Homes for the Warwick Area

Member of Parliament for Warwick and Leamington Chris White had appealed to the Secretary of State to reconsider his decision about the project to build over 1300 homes in the Warwick area.

Initially Warwick District Council in 2014 refused planning permission for 900 homes to be built outside the town, but the Secretary of State for Communities intervened the decision in favour of granting the go ahead to build the new homes and also agreed to have a further 450 homes to build near Gallows Hills, which was another project that the council had refused.

Mr White had written to him stating that it “will damage confidence in the planning system both locally and at a wider level”. With the housing crises raging on and house prices continuing to rise, planning permission refusal s within reason maybe a thing of the past.

There has been a worry about the impact of the new houses on services, air pollution and congestion to the area and legal action was sought but under advisement the chances of winning such a legal challenge would be low unless under the grounds of a flaw in procedure.

One of the developments would include a primary school and a park and ride with hundreds of parking spaces. The Asp site is believed by some to be a potential eyesore, being so close to the most popular attraction in Warwick, Warwick Castle. Historic England looked into the situation and could not see any reason to challenge the Secretary of State`s decision.

So it looks like there soon be another 1300 houses being built in Warwick in the foreseeable future which will be good for some and not for others.

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